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All you need to know about Colour Masks

SalonLab&Me Pigmented Colour Mask Shade 9.5-4

We quizzed the expert R&D team for all the facts about pigmented hair masks. So if you are new to the concept of a colour mask, here's all you need to know...

What are the benefits of a pigmented hair mask? 

Pigmented colour masks help you maintain your natural colour or your hairdresser's beautiful work for longer. They can also be used to gently influence the tone. For example, if a cool blonde has turned golden due to sun or saltwater, a mask with cool pigments can restore the original tone. 

Also, if you are thinking of colouring your hair a little more red, brown or warm, a pigmented mask in the direction of the desired colour can tell you if you are comfortable with the tone. 

As colour masks work without a permanent chemical process, your hair remains unaffected and can be additionally cared for – a particular advantage for stressed hair. 


Does a pigmented hair mask care for my hair (just like a conventional hair mask)? 

SalonLab&Me's Colour Mask combines care and colour in a balanced way: besides changing or refreshing your hair's colour, it not only adds shine and softness, but the formula with integrated bonding technology also repairs and strengthens your hair.

SalonLab&Me Model showing results of pigmented Colour Mask Shade 9.5-4
SalonLab&Me Colour Mask Shade 9.5-4

How long will my colour last after using a pigmented hair mask? 

This depends on the concentration of pigmentation in the respective product, its pH value, as well as the condition and brightness of your hair. But also the regularity of hair washes and the product chosen for them have an influence on the durability. With our SalonLab&Me Colour Mask, you can expect an average of up to 15 hair washes. 

How often should I use my SalonLab&Me Colour Mask? 

As often as you like, whenever you want to give your colour a little more luminosity and a colour boost. Depending on the shade, however, more is not always better, as the colour could become too intense.

SalonLab&Me Model with long coloured hair shade 9.5-4

Feeling inspired to add a pigmented mask into your routine? 

Check out our helpful how-to video: How-To: Refresh your shade with a hair colour mask

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