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Meet our Global Ambassador

We interviewed SalonLab Global Ambassador and Founder of R79 Salons, Raffaello Votta to discover what excites him most about SalonLab&Me and to learn more about his renowned career in the hairdressing industry.

SalonLab&Me Raffaelo Votta Interview Consultation

Hi Raffaello, as a Global Ambassador for SalonLab – can you tell us, what excites you most about the SalonLab&Me brand from a hairdresser’s perspective?

As a hairdresser, SalonLab&Me allows me to transform my consultations and create added value for the client – something which was never there before and has created a highly professional and personalised experience.

How did you get into the hairdressing as a profession?

I have always had a passion for beauty and fashion, and our job combines both.

What do you love most and what excites you about your job?

Our profession never stands still, and each client presents you with a new challenge that forces you to challenge yourself, meaning you are always having to reinvent yourself.

Why do you enjoy being a hairdresser?

I enjoy being a hairdresser because I like making the world more beautiful.

SalonLab&Me Raffaelo Votta Interview Consultation

What was the most emotional reaction you’ve had from a client after a haircut?

That was with a client who had gone through a difficult time and wanted a fresh start. Her feelings went from tears of fear and uncertainty, to tears of joy. She survived it all and is still overjoyed to have dared to take the first step to try something new.

Which is your favourite hairstyle? (colour, cut, etc...)

I am addicted to blonde, and I love long wavy hair.

What do you recommend for customers who want a makeover, but aren't sure what they want?

Let your stylist advise you, work out together how you would like to be perceived in the future, and sleep on it for a week. And if you're still convinced then go for it! It will change your life!

And last, but not least: what tip would you give to clients to maintain that fresh-from-the-salon feeling for as long as possible?

Try to take home with you as much as possible from what you experience at the salon: products, fragrances, styling techniques. Follow your stylist on Instagram and treat yourself to an extended care ritual at home.

SalonLab&Me Raffaelo Votta Interview

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