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SalonLab&Nanda: Caring for fine hair


Our SalonLab&Me models received a full hair consultation using the SalonLab Smart Analyzer. We interviewed Nanda to find out more about her SalonLab&Me personalised haircare routine for hair with low density.

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Nanda's personalised haircare routine

When it comes to haircare, the best routine is one that not only adapts to your particular hairtype, but one that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. With an on-the-go lifestyle and countless hours spent travelling, for Nanda it is essential to have reliable products specifically made to target her most prevalent hair need: moisture.

She likes to keep it simple with her haircare routine by using three essential products: the SalonLab&Me Shampoo, Conditioner and Intense Care Mask which provides just the right amount of nourishment for her medium, stubborn and wavy hair. 

Maintaining the hair’s natural moisture balance is not a simple task, but having a personalised haircare routine makes it a lot easier. 


Many people with low hair density hair are afraid of weighing it down with a conditioner, however it is a necessary step in order to lock in moisture and strengthen the hair. A conditioner that also focuses on elasticity and brilliance is a must in Nanda’s haircare routine to achieve smooth and shiny locks.

Choosing the right haircare regime for low density hair will help to provide the correct amount of nourishment without leaving the hair flat and oily, yet it is also very important to condition correctly (only applying to mid-lengths and ends) to avoid over-conditioning.

"I love that my hair is very me - it stands for everything that I am."

For those who tend to use hot tools frequently on their hair such as blow drying, straightening and curling, a weekly mask is the perfect complement to keep the hair hydrated and repaired from heat damage. Using the SalonLab&Me Intense Care Mask, which is rich in nourishing ingredients, is also a great way to provide intensive care to dry and damaged strands.

 If the mask is too heavy, it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment: apply to the mid-lengths and ends for 20 minutes to saturate the hair followed by your shampoo routine.  

SalonLab&Me Volume & Strength

Nanda's SalonLab Analysis

With a hair score of over 90%, Nanda’s hair analysis shows that she is diligent in keeping her hair healthy and beautiful with her three-step SalonLab&Me haircare routine and fits in well with her busy, on-the-go lifestyle.



“I am so proud of my hair and my routine!”









A SalonLab&Me personalised haircare routine is the perfect way to start working towards supple, soft and shiny hair, turning your hair goals into reality.

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