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When to add a hair mask into your routine

From the Lab What is a good haircare routine

We all know that choosing a shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type helps lead to beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair. Different hair types can require specific haircare products and ingredients to help treat fine, dry, or damaged hair. 

We typically tend to follow a 2-step process when washing our hair. Starting with a shampoo which removes the dirt, oil and any product build up. Followed by the conditioner, which helps to replenish moisture in the middle and to the ends of our hair. The question is when should we use a hair mask?

Our SalonLab&Me experts list the benefits of a tailored haircare regime with the right combination of high-performing products which can help nourish and protect your hair the way it needs.

What is a 'good' haircare routine for me?

Shampoo + Conditioner = Classic Duo
Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Mask = Triple Care

What's the benefit of using 3 products instead of 2?

Primarily, both conditioners and hair masks have the function of caring for, protecting, and strengthening the strands of the hair all the way through to the core.

With a shampoo and conditioner, the nourishing conditioner improves the management, suppleness and shine of your hair and helps to protect the hair from damage. You can always opt for a rinse-off or leave-in conditioning treatment, depending on what has been recommended for your hair type.

"Hair masks are richer in nourishing ingredients for intensive conditioning."

If you have dry or damaged hair, the conditioner should be applied after each shampoo. Its advantage lies in the short application time (around 2 minutes) with an immediately noticeable moisturising effect. This typically lasts until your next hair wash. 

Using a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask provides additional, intensive care, especially for dry and heavily damaged hair. Hair masks are richer in nourishing ingredients compared to conditioners, and we recommend applying the SalonLab&Me Intense Care Mask to towel-dried hair once or twice a week for around 10 minutes. Due to the longer exposure time, it allows for improved hair management, softness, and shine, as well as enhanced ingredients for intensive conditioning.

For an added luxury combine your hair mask with a face mask as part of your beauty ritual - for an all-round at-home spa experience. 

From the Lab What is a good haircare routine

Which haircare routine is suitable for my hair type?

Fine Hair

For fine hair, the use of your SalonLab&Me Conditioner to the lengths and ends of your hair after each wash is sufficient to give the hair shine and suppleness. In particularly, fine hair tends to look over-conditioned, flat, and oily when additional conditioning is applied.

Dry or Damaged Hair

For dry or damaged hair, your SalonLab&Me Conditioner can be applied after each hair wash. This should improve the condition of your hair and add enhanced protection from further damage. We recommend integrating the occasional use of a hair mask into your haircare routine for an added pamper treat.

Very Damaged Hair

Highly damaged hair requires the most intensive care. Applying a shampoo, conditioner and intensive hair mask is recommended to deeply restore and nourish your hair. The SalonLab&Me Conditioner should be applied after each hair wash, resulting in softness and gives added protection from external damage. The SalonLab&Me Intense Care Mask is recommended to be applied 1-2 times a week on towel-dried hair to deliver more intensive conditioning due to the longer exposure time. 


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