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Ingredient Focus – What is Panthenol in Haircare?


As individuals become more in-tune with their personal needs when it comes to both skincare and haircare regimes, the ‘ingredient list’ has become increasingly more important to understand – particularly when thinking about active ingredients. This article series aims to take the guesswork out of those active ingredients to help you better understand why they are used in haircare.

Understand the key ingredient Panthenol and why we choose to use it in our haircare formulations

What exactly is Panthenol?

Panthenol is one of those ingredients that can often get overlooked, in favour of the more 'en vogue' Hyaluronic Acid, for example. However, Panthenol is actually a superstar ingredient in its own right, offering a wealth of properties said to be beneficial to skin, hair and scalp! 

Panthenol is more commonly known as Pro-Vitamin B5 and Pantothenic Acid as Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is actually one of the most important vitamins; it's an essential nutrient that helps our bodies perform a variety of things such as convert food into energy. Balanced levels of B Vitamins are also commonly known to underpin wellbeing when it comes to healthy skin and hair.

Panthenol itself, however, is often used in skincare for its moisturising and protective effects.

“Nutrition can also contribute to healthy hair...In general, a balance of all nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins contributes to healthy hair.”
Jessica Welzel – R&D Beauty Care, SalonLab&Me

What does Panthenol do when it comes to haircare?

Panthenol has a moisture-binding, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and wound-healing effect. When it comes to haircare, it's known for its moisturising and soothing effects.

  • For normal to dry, or curly hair types Panthenol is especially effective as a wonder ingredient that helps to seal in moisture, offering improved elasticity, shine and softness – its properties help Panthenol penetrate the hair cuticle, providing effective haircare. 
  • Panthenol offers effective moisture retention and increased hair hydration without being 'heavy on the hair'
  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits, Panthenol can also be beneficial to the scalp, minimising irritation.

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