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Get personalised haircare delivered to your door

SalonLab&Me red haired model receiving her SalonLab&Me personalised haircare delivered to her door

Your at-home haircare routine should be an indulgent moment of me-time. But with so many products to choose from, trying — and failing! — to find the ones that work for you can soon become stressful instead of blissful.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to find the perfect haircare for your needs — one that doesn’t involve spending hours researching the best products and ingredients for your hair type or wasting money on expensive trial and error.

With SalonLab&Me, you can get a highly effective, personalised haircare regime that’s perfectly matched to your individual hair and scalp condition, your hair colour, and your hair goals. No more second-guessing, no more wasted time and money!

And the best bit? Your personalised products get delivered direct to your door! It couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works…

Your personalised haircare journey starts in the salon

The first step towards your SalonLab&Me personalised haircare regime begins with a visit to your local SalonLab&Me Salon for a hair consultation. During this consultation, your hairdresser will scan your hair with the award-winning SalonLab Smart Analyzer to assess your hair’s condition on a molecular level. This provides them with an in-depth analysis of your hair, revealing details on its structure and strength. Using the SalonLab Smart Analyzer provides a much more accurate picture of hair health than a visual evaluation alone can provide, making it possible to hyper-personalise your haircare recommendation.

However, your hairdresser’s expertise is still important — after all, no one knows your hair better than them! Alongside the Smart Analyzer’s analysis, your hairdresser will ask you questions to help them gain a better understanding of your hair and scalp condition.

Expect to answer questions about your:

  • Hair type
  • Scalp condition
  • Hair history
  • Hair care routine

Once the consultation is complete and you receive your individual hair health score, your personalised product recommendation will begin.

SalonLab&Me brunette model having her hair analysed by the SalonLab Smart Analyzer

Creating your personalised haircare regime

Next, your hairdresser will combine your unique hair score with their own professional opinion to recommend a SalonLab&Me personalised haircare regime tailored to your unique hair type and condition. They’ll also discuss your individual hair and scalp goals with you to ensure the products they recommend deliver the results you’re looking for.

Top Tip: Think about your personal hair goals before your consultation — what does your dream hair look and feel like?

Once your hair condition is clear and your goals are set, it’s time to discover your personalised SalonLab&Me home haircare prescription! You can expect a mix of products to cleanse, and treat, including:


Carefully created with the latest technologies and very best ingredients to create a personalised formula with just the right benefits designed for your individual needs.


Containing a unique ingredient blend catering for detangling, colour vibrancy, or nourishment — whatever your hair needs most.

Spray Conditioner

A personalised conditioning spray to balance your hair’s moisture level and improve combability.

Colour Mask

A deep conditioning bonding mask and colour refresher in one, matched to your unique hair shade and giving instant colour boost and shine.

Intense Care Mask

Customised to your specific goals, this mask deeply nourishes and strengthens.

Thanks to the in-depth analysis provided by the SalonLab Smart Analyzer, each product in your regime will contain just the right combination of high-performing ingredients to give your hair exactly what it needs.

To ensure you get the most out of your regime, your hairdresser will recommend not only the best products for your hair type, but how often you should use them too. Whether your products are best used daily, weekly, or monthly, you’ll leave the salon armed with everything you need to know to keep your hair looking and feeling its best at home.

Learn more on our hyper-personalised product range here.

Woman spraying the SalonLab&Me Spring fragrance on a tester strip

Make the products your own

Next, it’s over to you! Once your hairdresser has defined the best regime for your hair condition and goals, it’s time to personalise your products even further. As you relax in the salon chair, you get the option to totally customise the look and feel of your SalonLab&Me products using the SalonLab&Me app and the help of your hairdresser.

You can easily access the app from your own mobile phone by simply scanning the QR code your hairdresser will provide you with. You’ll get to:

Add your name

Your SalonLab&Me haircare regime is for you and you only, which is why we put your name on it! 

Choose your label colour

Simply pick your favourite colour, or for the perfect bathroom “shelfie”, the one that matches your bathroom décor best! Choose from a calming pastel palette of pink, mint, yellow, lilac, and blue.

Pick your favourite fragrance

Fragrance is totally individual. Some of us enjoy spicy, seductive scents, whereas others gravitate towards crisp cottons and airy florals. With so many different scent options for our products, we decided to let you choose instead! Select one of our three SalonLab&Me fragrances, including:


Subtle fruity citrus meets elegant florals to create this romantic scent, with notes of bergamot, rose, iris and hawthorn, and a soft cedarwood finish.


Vibrant mandarin and watermelon combined with fresh florals, a twist of mint and a gentle base of woody musk.


Velvety summer fruits and fresh almonds lead into light florals, with a white peach, vanilla, and sheer wood base, creating a soft and soothing scent.

Your SalonLab&Me consultation will include the option to experience each scent in-person so you there’s no need to guess which one you’ll prefer, all you need to do is smell each one and pick your favourite! 

A bespoke haircare delivery, straight to your door

After selecting your preferences your tailor-made regime is ordered — all you need to do is sit back, relax, and await its delivery. Your SalonLab&Me products will be delivered directly to your home address. When your products are getting low, simply log in to your online SalonLab&Me account and reorder. 

Remember: because your SalonLab&Me haircare regime recommendation is based on your hair’s condition, it’s important to keep your hair score up to date. Your hairdresser will be able to regularly analyse your hair during upcoming salon visits, measuring your hair performance over time and ensuring that your products continue to be suitable for your hair. If your hair score changes, your formulations will be tweaked accordingly. This ensures you have the perfect products to keep your hair looking and feeling its best, always!

Hands opening a SalonLab&Me Personalised Haircare box, personalised for Lisa

Get expert hair advice at home

Your SalonLab&Me journey may begin in the salon, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Log in to your SalonLab&Me online account at any time to read our Haircare Guide. It’s full of helpful articles to help you get the most out of your SalonLab&Me products and care for your hair the right way.

Start your personalised haircare journey today by booking your own SalonLab&Me hair consultation! Find your nearest salon today using our Salon Finder

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