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SalonLab&Stefanie: Caring for short hair

A woman with chin-length wavy red hair wearing a grey cardigan

Each of our SalonLab&Me models received a full hair consultation using the SalonLab Smart Analyzer. We interviewed Stefanie to find out more about her SalonLab&Me personalised haircare routine for short hair.

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A personalised haircare routine not only needs to work with your individual hair type, but with your lifestyle too. This is extra important for our model Stefanie, who needs a simple and effective haircare routine to fit into her busy lifestyle. 

As a mother who also works full time, Stefanie has limited time to dedicate to selfcare. However, as a sports lover Stefanie works out daily, which means she washes her hair each day too. For this reason, Stefanie needs a simple routine that’s gentle enough for everyday use and won’t take up too much of her precious time.

As well as simplicity, Stefanie seeks moisture. Although Stefanie keeps her hair short for quicker styling, it’s naturally curly and thick, meaning she needs products to help tame her natural curls, which can take on a mind of their own if left unchecked.

"I’m a mother and I have to work each day; I don’t have much time for hair styling!"

Stefanie’s personalised haircare routine for short hair

To keep things simple, Stefanie has a back-to-basics haircare routine consisting of the SalonLab&Me Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray Conditioner, and Colour Mask. To save time, Stefanie washes and conditions her hair in the evening and sleeps with wet hair. This means that in the morning, after a little light styling, she’s ready to go as quickly as possible. 

By applying the SalonLab&Me Spray Conditioner after her evening shower, Stefanie makes her morning styling session quicker and easier. The Spray Conditioner provides her natural curls with a boost of hydration, helping to define them into soft waves whilst fighting frizz at the same time. 

Without the correct amount of moisture, Stefanie says her short hair tends to look like a “helmet” rather than the softly defined waves she prefers! Blow drying is too time consuming to fit into her busy schedule, so products need to help her achieve the look she loves instead.

Top Tip

Damp hair is more prone to breakage, so if you also like to go to bed with wet hair like Stefanie, consider investing in a silk pillowcase. This will minimise friction as you move around in the night and ensure you’re more likely to wake up with frizz-free locks.

Short hair? Don’t overlook masks!

Hair masks aren’t just for longer lengths, people with shorter hair can benefit from them too! The final step in Stefanie’s routine is a weekly treatment with her SalonLab&Me Colour Mask. This 2-in-1 hair mask repairs the hair from within using Triple Bonding Technology, whilst refreshing colour at the same time. Multi-tasking products are perfect for Stefanie’s hectic lifestyle and provide a precious moment of weekly me-time within her packed schedule. 

A woman with chin-length red hair holding an iPad with her SalonLab&Me hair score on the screen

Stefanie’s SalonLab Analysis

Stefanie’s hair score is 89%, which shows that despite her daily washing schedule and minimal routine, her short hair is getting the care it needs to remain in a healthy condition. The personalised nature of SalonLab&Me enables Stefanie to have a haircare routine tailored to her individual needs, whilst saving her as much time as possible. The products are even delivered straight to her door – it couldn’t be easier!

A woman with chin-length wavy red hair wearing a grey cardigan


I really liked the whole procedure; it was very quick and easy.





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