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SalonLab&Me Colour Mask


Your SalonLab&Me haircare regime is made for you and your hair, that's why we even put your name on it. Choose your favourite colour and add your name to your products, and then choose a fragrance you love. SalonLab is all about you and your individual haircare journey!

A Colour Mask that's perfect for you!

  • Bonding Technology
  • High-performing, caring ingredients that are customisable to your hair type and colour
  • Personalised with the right benefits for you
Available in 250ml

Together with your hairdresser, set your hair goals during your consultation

Moisture & Elasticity

Smoothness & Anti-Frizz

Repair & Nourishment

Colour Shine & Brilliance

Volume & Strength

Choose your favourite colour

Choose a fragrance you love

SalonLab & Me


Subtle fruity citrus notes meets elegant floral notes to create this romantic scent, with notes of bergamot, rose, iris and hawthorn, and a soft cedar wood finish.

SalonLab & Me


Vibrant mandarin and watermelon notes combined with fresh floral, minty notes and a gentle base of woody musky notes, for a bright and lively scent.  

SalonLab & Me


Velvety summer fruit and fresh almond notes lead into light floral notes, with a scent of white peach, vanilla, and a woody base, for a soft and velvety scent.  

We're here to support you on your journey to beautiful looking hair!


Your SalonLab&Me Haircare Regime

Together with your hairdresser, we aim to provide you with only the best hyper-personalised products based on your individual needs.

Discover the first hyper-personalised haircare regime based on data intelligence.