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Hair Goals: How to add strength and volume to hair

Setting goals is a great way to focus on a target or objective you want to achieve and gives you the motivation to affect that change within your daily routine. We often take the time to set food, fitness, or fashion goals but your hair needs some love, too. It’s time to make some hair resolutions to pursue your hair goals!

So, if you wish to gain volume and strength to your hair from all the heat-styling and recent colouring, setting a hair goal is a great way to keep your routine fresh and sets steps to healthy-looking hair. 

As part of your SalonLab&Me consultation, your hairdresser will help you set hair goals and then recommend the most suitable products to help you achieve them. Let’s deep dive into a common goal – Volume & Strength!

Hair Goal:

Volume & Strength

For those who experience some form of fine and limp hair, this tends to make hair more prone to breakage. This makes Volume & Strength a common hair goal for tackling fine and fragile hair. 

Discover the best routine for building volume and strength to your hair with these tips from the SalonLab&Me experts…


What determines the level of hair volume?

The diameter of hair typically varies from 0.05 mm to 0.12 mm, the smaller the diameter the more delicate the hair. Therefore, it can break more easily due to the smaller and reduced substance of the hair. Fine hair can tend to lose volume shortly after washing and styling, which makes the hair appear limp. 

Chemical treatments and heat styling need to be managed carefully, as fine hair is less resilient. The care required for fine hair is to increase the hair’s strength and to stabilise the hair structure. Ideally this should be achieved with lightweight formulas that ensure more resilience but do not weigh the hair down.

Signs of fine hair that lacks volume: 

  • Hair tends to lie flat on the head 
  • General lack of volume and bounce
  • Hair looks limp and tends to be fragile 
SalonLab&Me Volume & Strength

How to build volume and strength

There are a few ways you can help to build volume and strength for fine, flat or limp hair:


Apply shampoo and conditioner with strengthening benefits: Using your SalonLab&Me Shampoo and Conditioner as part of your haircare routine helps to cleanse, care and strengthen your hair.

Try to avoid over-conditioning as this can weigh fine hair down and make it look oily. 


Adjust your hair washing technique: If you have fine or damaged hair, your washing technique is particularly important. This rule can save you a lot of washes and damage. Apply your shampoo at the roots and your conditioner through the mid-length and ends. Fine hair can look oily fast, and this technique helps to reduce hair washing and makes your style last longer whilst reducing the potential for further damage.


It’s all in the blow-dry: try and blow-dry your hair upside down, which helps create instant volume! 

"Your washing technique is particularly important for fine or damaged hair."


Try different styling techniques: styling your hair isn’t just limited to a blowout or curling iron. Why not try classic rollers and limit your hair from using heat! Set your hair in big velcro rollers when its almost dry, lifting the hair from the crown and rolling down from the ends towards the root. Remove them when your hair has completely dried to reveal big bouncy waves!


Get regular haircuts: hairdressers can work their magic by taking lifeless locks to new levels. A good haircut will help to remove split or thinning ends instantly making your hair look healthier. Alternatively if you’re brave enough to take a few inches off, shorter hair may work better for fine hair to give the appearance of more volume.

SalonLab&Me Smart Analyzer Consultation App
SalonLab&Me Consultation App

By incorporating these tips into your haircare routine, it will help you take the first steps towards your goal to help strengthen your hair and build volume.

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