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Use Spray Conditioner like a pro

Close up of SalonLab&Me Spray Conditioner being sprayed onto damp hair

By using a Spray Conditioner, you ensure that all the nurturing ingredients stay on your hair, giving it extra shine and care all day long! Your SalonLab&Me Spray Conditioner contains Squalane Complex, a hydrating hydrocarbon that balances the moisture level to detangle and ease combability. Read our how-to guide to discover all the steps for a perfect application to prep your hair for whatever's next.

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How best to apply your SalonLab&Me Spray Conditioner

Woman in a white dressing gown wrapping her hair into a towel

Gently dry your hair

Towel-dried hair absorbs product better, so don't forget this step! Remember to be careful – rubbing your hair can cause breakage.

Close up of SalonLab&Me Spray Conditioner being sprayed onto damp hair

Spray the conditioner onto your hair

Don't miss any hair! If you spray from approximately a 15cm distance, you'll get an even layer.

Woman in the mirror drying her hair with a black hairdryer and paddle brush

Gently brush or comb your hair

Gently does it. Work the conditioner through your hair with a brush or comb that compliments your hair type. Start with your ends and work your way up to avoid damage or breakage.

Woman looking in the mirror whilst brushing her blonde hair with a paddle brush

Time to shine

The moment you've been waiting for! Whatever you have planned for the day ahead, your hair is now ready to be styled and face the world.

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