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Expertise meets innovation with SalonLab&Me

We’re once again leading innovation in the professional haircare industry with SalonLab&Me, the first hyper-personalised professional product range that combines hairdressers' expert knowledge with data intelligence to answer your client’s individual hair needs more accurately than ever before.

SalonLab&Me is only available through an e-commerce platform, which is exclusively linked to your salon. This commission-based model allows you to make additional profits with each order, both when it’s placed in the salon and at home!

Our ASK Education offering complements this cutting-edge technology, by elevating your hairdresser skills and know-how. The result? Maximised in-salon service revenue, lasting customer loyalty and positioning yourself as an innovative and digitally-driven salon.

From your salon to your client's home

Smart Analyzer being used on woman's hair


Your expert assessment & analysis

Man talking to woman and holding an iPad


Your hyper-personalised product prescription

SalonLab shampoo, conditioner and mask products

Place order

The future of haircare starts and continues in your salon
iPhone showing SalonLab&Me site


Re-order online & update your hair analysis in-salon

Woman using macbook


Personalised haircare advice for your clients

Woman holding box of SalonLab&Me products


At-home delivery

From your client's home to your salon

Full holistic journey

The new era of personalised haircare starts in your salon

SalonLab&Me is not just an innovation, but an experience. Our Full Holistic Journey video will help you to visualise the journey you embark on with your clients – from the initial hair assessment and analysis using the SalonLab Smart Analyzer, through to your product recommendation and purchase.

iPad showing SalonLab&Me products
Man and woman sat on chair

Brand benefits

Interviews with real hairdressers and expert voices

Hear interviews with real hairdressers sharing their expert opinions and insights on what it’s like to be a part of SalonLab&Me. Discover how you, your salon and your clients will benefit from our innovative and personalised SalonLab&Me experience.


Discover each step of the app and the best practices for a seamless experience

The consultation frame-by-frame will provide you with a clear, fact-based overview and explanation of our user-friendly app, one step at a time. This is where to start to familiarise yourself with the App and it goes hand-in-hand with the full holistic journey presentation to help you perfect your skills regarding the App and make you a SalonLab&Me expert. After the completion of each SalonLab&Me Seminar, you will receive a certificate from Schwarzkopf Professional ASK Education as a record of your success!

SalonLab&Me consultation app preview
Product benefits and product expertise fact sheets

Fact sheets

A deep dive into insider tips and tricks

Our Fact Sheets provide you with a quick summary of key education topics, including a Hairdresser Check List and Social Media Fact Sheet. The Fragrances, Product Expertise, Product Benefits and Ingredient Glossary Fact Sheets also allow you to deep dive into the world of SalonLab&Me and provide you with the most important tips in an easy-to-digest format.


Inspiring you to raise your game

Combining precise technical knowledge with creative freedom. We believe that continual education builds highly-motivated salon teams, strengthens client loyalty and ultimately increases salon profitability.

Woman using SalonLab Analyzer on woman's hair
Woman using SalonLab Analyzer on woman's hair

We are there for you

We are here to guide and empower both you and your customers by supporting you with our extensive educational materials, both with our trainers on the road and in our academies. Taking you on a progressive learning path, both physically and digitally, we ramp-up your skills and thrills, pioneering the future of hairdressing together!