What exactly is the SalonLab Smart Analyzer?


The award-winning SalonLab Smart Analyzer enables your hairdresser to analyse your hair on a molecular level to reveal the condition of your inner hair strength. The device is equipped with a Near-Infrared Sensor to analyse the inner structure of your hair and a Colour Sensor which measures the depth and tonal direction of your hair. This measurement, combined with your stylist's consultation, will determine a hair score, which relates to the current status of your inner hair strength.

This way, your hairdresser gets a much better picture of your hair's condition – including structure, health and colour – rather than just evaluating the outer surface. By determining your unique diagnosis, they can then recommend the best products and services for your hair type, condition and colour.

What is the SalonLab Smart Analyzer?

The SalonLab Smart Analyzer is a handheld device that uses a near-infrared sensor to measure INSIDE the hair as it reveals the key elements that determine your hair's overall condition. Combined with your hairdresser's expert assessment, we can determine hair quality, hair type, hair colour and scalp condition!

A male hand holding an iPad that has the SalonLab&Me App loaded on it

We know your hairdresser knows your hair better than anyone else

However, this is a game-changer – without it they have to rely on just the outer condition of your hair in order to make an assessment of its health, which doesn't give the whole picture.

How does it work exactly?

The SalonLab Smart Analyzer uses a near-infrared sensor to assess hair quality by measuring the level of Cysteic Acid within the inner hair structure. Cysteic Acid is produced when hair experiences oxidative damage, which is why it offers a good indication of the hair's inner strength.

The Colour Sensor makes use of the physics of colour perception. We can see colour due to light reflection and absorption; light consists of electromagnetic waves, the human eye registers these waves and the brain interprets the information as colour – a spectrum including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. When light, or white light, hits an object, all colour wavelengths – except the colour of the object – are absorbed. This colour is then reflected by the object and is therefore both visible and measurable. The SalonLab Smart Analyzer's Color Sensor is equipped with a 6-channel visible spectral sensor component. It emits a light beam and instantly calculates the reflection of light from the hair's outer cuticle.

What can the SalonLab Smart Analyzer do for me?

Because the SalonLab Smart Analyzer combines your hairdresser's expertise with factual, data-driven insights, it enables a hair consultation that is personalised to you. A SalonLab&Me regime can then be recommended that is tailored to your hair type, colour and condition. It's even able to assess your current shade, ensuring that your SalonLab&Me Pigmented Colour Mask is an exact match, so you can refresh your colour at home in confidence!

A flatlay with a white iPad, SalonLab&Me products and the SalonLab Smart Analyzer

Why do I need a bespoke SalonLab&Me haircare regime?

Choosing your haircare based on your hair type alone isn't guaranteed to get you the best results – the quality and condition of your hair has a big part to play in the results you get from your products. A SalonLab Smart Analyzer consultation will give a more comprehensive picture of your hair and ensure that the products recommended target your individual concerns.

By assessing your hair on a deeper level than ever before, the SalonLab Smart Analyzer is the first step on a journey to your best hair yet with SalonLab&Me!

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