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Shampoo your sensitive scalp like an expert

Woman in the shower massaging her scalp with her eyes closed

Get the most out of your personalised SalonLab&Me Shampoo for your sensitive scalp with our guide to the perfect application. Of course, you know how to wash your hair – but did you know that there are some small adjustments you can make to ensure your delicate scalp is cleansed and cared for in the best way possible?

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How best to apply your SalonLab&Me Scalp Shampoo

Woman smiling with her eyes closed and wetting her hair under a shower

Wet your hair

The wetter the better! By saturating your hair, it makes it easier to distribute the product, enabling you to apply the shampoo easily and evenly.

SalonLab&Me shampoo being dispensed into the hands

Dispense 1-2 pumps of shampoo into your palm

Choose either 1 or 2 pumps depending on your hair length, then distribute and lather the shampoo in your hands before applying – this often-forgotten step really helps when it comes to application.

Woman lathering shampoo into her hair

Massage the shampoo onto your scalp until it foams

Don't rush! Indulge in a moment of me-time by massaging for up to 3 minutes to truly nurture your scalp.

Woman rinsing her hair under the shower

Rinse your hair and scalp well

Time for another massage! Massaging the hair and scalp whilst rinsing helps to get rid of all excess shampoo.

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