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Get the most from your hair mask

A female hand reaching for a jar of SalonLab&Me Intense Care Mask

Treat yourself and your hair to the ultimate pamper with your SalonLab&Me Intense Care Mask. Deeply nourishing and designed just for you, it's the ultimate way to restore and replenish. Here's the best way to apply it...

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How best to apply your SalonLab&Me Intense Care Mask

Woman squeezing water from her hair in the shower

Squeeze the water out

Gently squeeze your hair to remove any excess water, so your mask stays where you need it to be.

Female hands rubbing a white hair mask formula between them in the shower

Distribute the mask in your hands

Make sure the product covers your hands before application – this way, you'll get an even layer across your hair and the best results. Top tip: start small! Your mask is highly concentrated with nourishing ingredients. You can always add more if needed.

A woman applying a product to her wet hair in the shower

Apply to your hair

Work the mask into your hair. Your lengths and ends will be forever grateful for this indulging treatment.

A woman in the shower wrapping her wet hair into a twist

Leave for 5-10 minutes

Relax as your mask works its magic! If your hair needs some extra care, just leave it in for longer.

A woman in the shower rinsing her hair

Rinse thoroughly

As soon as the water runs clear, your hair is perfectly rinsed and you're good to go!

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