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Mindful moments for me time

A woman enjoying a mindful moment in the shower

A little ritual for everyday mindfulness

Get your day off to a perfect start with a mindful shower. For a rare moment of uninterrupted ‘me time’, use your SalonLab&Me hair ritual as a mindful practice. Essentially, mindfulness is a simple form of meditation, it encourages you to quieten the relentless ‘noise’ of your mind, by focusing on the present. And in the shower is the perfect place to practice!

“Let your SalonLab&Me routine support a moment of mindfulness.”

Here are a few techniques you can use for creating a mindful practice:


Set the Environment

Create your sanctuary, this can be done by a few simple touches; turn off your phone to avoid distractions, set some soft background music, light candles or essential oils to create a calming atmosphere.


Offer Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a key component of meditative practice. Water gives us life; we use it every day to bathe and nourish ourselves and due to our busy lives we often take it for granted. Take a moment to be thankful for the benefits of water.  


Set an Intention

Setting a daily intention whilst in the shower can help create a more mindful and intentional day ahead. As you shampoo your hair under the shower, your intentions may be to wash away your stress, refresh you, or soothe you. Take a moment to assess what it is you need, and how you can use this ritual to help give that to yourself. 

A woman enjoying a mindful moment in the shower


Concentrate on your Breathing

Just like you would in regular meditation, take a moment to breathe in and out. Delight in the SalonLab&Me fragrance you’ve chosen for you. Close your eyes and let the water gently run over you. Inhale the warm shower steam and exhale any pain or tension you may be feeling. Imagine the water easing and washing away this tension with every breath.


Body Scan

A body scan is a popular meditation method, and it involves bringing your awareness to your body, one body part at a time. Start at your feet and work your way up, focussing on how each body part feels. This could be a physical sensation like muscles aches or more of an emotional sensation connecting you to your body.


Engage the Senses

Use all your senses to fully engage in shower meditation. Feel the water running down your skin, notice how it feels on your hair, massage your SalonLab&Me shampoo through your hair and focus on your stress points. Enjoy your favourite SalonLab fragrance and let the scent of the room relax and calm you, finally listen to the sound of the running water. 


Mindfully Conclude

The meditation doesn’t have to stop when you get out of the shower. Instead, when you are done, gently dry yourself with a soft fluffy robe and continue the selfcare!

Being mindful in the shower doesn’t have to take a long time. These steps can be done at whatever pace that your schedule allows. And remember, if your thoughts start to wander, simply bring them back to the sound of the water.

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