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Transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis!


We all know that our environment at home can impact our mood and wellbeing, but more often than not there is one space that can get a little overlooked – the bathroom!

Whilst the bathroom is obviously a room of function, it can be made into much more than that – we’re thinking an oasis of tranquillity! Whilst you’re perfecting your haircare routine with SalonLab&Me the right environment can help to turn ‘mask-time’ into ‘me-time’ with a little help on the interior design front…

“The bathroom is where we start and end the day so it should give you that feel-good factor!”

We sat down with Interior Designer, Helen Schoormans to discuss this all important space in our home. Helen studied Raumkonzept & Design at the AMD Academy of Mode & Design before embarking on her career with Conni Kotte Interior, and then settling at Decorazioni in Hamburg.

Helen and the Decorazioni team in Hamburg

Here’s what we discussed:

Would you say we tend to give our bathroom little less attention when it comes to interior design?

Absolutely. Often, even the guest toilet is more lovingly designed than the main bathroom, which seems silly when you think about it, because you use it yourself every day!

Do you have tips to turn a bathroom into more of a feel-good area?

I can think of many easy interior design tips to improve this space, without going for a full renovation! For example, accessories such as luxurious towels, or a beautiful mirror with a great frame (rather than a mirror cabinet) can make all the difference. Ask yourself if you want it more cosy or bright? Perhaps try different lighting options to help set the mood. A fabric blind can be a stylish and functional addition. On the walls, you might choose wallpaper or paint. Reflect on how the mood of the space will impact your colour choices.

When shopping for new bathroom towels – why not opt for microfibre?
It’s great at helping to prevent frizz and hair damage.

What about bathroom storage?

It's important to create beautiful storage options that work within your space. Even with functional storage, there’s scope for creativity here – think about the use of colour or playful shapes.

How do I choose the right colour scheme for my bathroom? Are there certain colours that you'd recommend for a relaxing atmosphere?

Of course, the colour scheme must always fit the environment and the overall 'atmosphere' you are trying to create. That said, personally I would always try to go for warmer colours.

What's one of the smallest tricks (that make a big difference!) when it comes to making the bathroom feel more like an oasis?

Aside from going for calming colours and matching towels, one of the most impactful mood-boosting accessories would be adding fresh flowers in a statement vase! It can be as simple as that, but the use of fragrant candles and even meaningful artwork can have an impact on our senses.


What is the most important factor for you when designing a bathroom?

That you feel good! After all, you start and end the day there – so you should feel a sense of joy and wellbeing in your bathroom!