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Professional tips for long, straight hair

Does your straight hair lack volume? We spoke to our SalonLab&Me hairdressing expert for the best tips and tricks to style, care and add volume to straight hair...

What's the best way to handle naturally straight hair?

"For straight hair, I always recommend using products that do not weigh the hair down too much, such as a light shampoo or even a light conditioner. My professional tip is to only apply conditioner to the lengths and ends."

How can I achieve that perfect level of volume?

"Besides using suitable products, I recommend blow-drying the hair upside down and then blow-drying it with a round brush or alternatively with a paddle brush."

How can I beautify my natural hair colour?

"To enhance the natural hair colour even more, I recommend using a personalised, pigmented colour treatment to add even more shine to the hair."

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