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Professional tips for thick, wavy hair

Learn the best tips and tricks on how to care and style thick, wavy hair with our SalonLab&Me hairdressing expert. Listen to what Lea had to say...

A must for wavy hair

"I definitely recommend letting wavy, thick hair air-dry. Then it just takes a lovely, naturally wavy shape. I totally recommend applying a hydrating conditioner in the shower to really make those waves shine."

How to define your waves?

"To define your waves really nicely, the trick is to twirl them around your finger for a bit while they dry. Also try scrunching them to add shape, bounce and volume."

How to deal with undefined waves or frizzy hair?

"If the wave tends to get a little frizzy, then it's always great to use a spray conditioner after washing the hair. This will give the hair an extra boost of moisture, add shine and achieve that all important bounce."

How to care for broken or damaged hair?

"Once the hair is damaged, I would always say go to the hairdresser to trim the tips. Think about adding some layers into your cut and ask them to recommend a hydrating treatment to use at home. This will ensure your waves will be beautifully maintained and really well defined."

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