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Professional tips for straight hair

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Although it's easy to assume that straight hair is super simple to care for, it still comes with its own challenges! We spoke to André, our SalonLab&Me hairdressing expert about how best to care for and style straight hair. Here's what he had to say...


What's the best way to handle straight hair?

"For a client like Natalija, who has very straight hair, I always use a round brush to give the hair movement and bounce."

What do you recommend for a sensitive scalp?

"I would recommend using a shampoo designed specifically for a sensitive scalp. Also, I'd recommend not to apply too much heat from the hairdryer to the scalp directly, but rather direct it towards the lengths and ends."

What needs to be considered in a haircare routine for straight hair?

"Besides regularly washing the hair, I would suggest to use either a Conditioner or a Mask to keep the hair nourished and moisturised."
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How can you create volume in straight hair?

"In order to create the perfect volume, I always dry the hair in the opposite direction to which it falls – think up and over the head. To finish, I'd always recommend using a round brush to create even more volume."

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